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Skin scarring following surgery or accident can be unsightly and debilitating if the increased rigidity of the skin inhibits movement.

A daily regime of MSM taken both internally and applied topically as a lotion has been frequently reported as being effective in reducing the extent of scarring and greatly increasing flexibility. 1-5 g per day in split doses is recommended, together with application of a lotion containing a high percentage of MSM.

MSM works by altering the chemical cross-linking that occurs in collagen, making it more flexible and more susceptible to the normal cellular repair processes. MSM can be used both to reduce the formation of new scar tissue following injury, and to remediate old scar tissue.

The related compound DMSO can be substituted, and may be more effective for topical application due to its remarkable penetrating properties. Yet another similar compound called MMS (methylmethane sulphonate) is sometimes recommended for this purpose, however MMS is known to cause damage to DNA and is therefore a potential human carcinogen. For this reason MMS should never be used either internally or externally (it penetrates skin easily, like DMSO).

A 'corn cutter' razor can sometimes be used very carefully to pare off the surface of thick scarring, and can be effective in reducing the overall appearance of the scar, but great care should be taken to avoid causing bleeding.



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