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Cetylated Fatty Acids


CFAs are saturated fats commonly extracted from bovine tallow oil and are increasingly used to reduce pain and swelling in arthritic joints.

The active constituents include myristic acid and oleic acid which are both produced naturally in the body. Oleic acid is an 'omega 9' oil also found in olive oil and in most meats and oily seeds. Myristic acid is found in full fat milk, butter and some vegetable oils such as palm oil and coconut oil.

It is believed that as we age the natural production of these key nutrients can decrease, and supplementing with these oils can have significant benefits for arthritis sufferers. It is not known if there may be any other benefits of supplementing with CFAs.


Celadrin ('Celaritis') is the trade name for a mixture of cetylated fatty acids (CFAs) structurally similar to 'omega 3' fatty acids and sold in liquid and capsule form for the treatment of arthritis.  Topical application of creams containing CFAs, which bypasses potential destruction of the oils by digestive enzymes, also appears to be effective.





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