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Fats & Oils

WARNING: Your health is being compromised and your life potentially shortened by the dangerous advice you are being given about dietary fats and oils


There are probably no areas where the conventional wisdom propagated by nutrition ‘experts’, food manufacturers, governments and just about everyone else concerned could be more wrong than on the topic of fats and oils in the human diet.

For at least 20 years we have been bombarded with the simplistic and totally incorrect assertion that ‘saturated’ fats should be eliminated from the diet, and the only ‘healthy’ fats are the cheap vegetable oils that largely derive from America’s grain surplus.

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Even in the face of the steadily mounting epidemiological evidence that the advice is totally wrong, in the form of rising tides of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and a host of other auto-immune problems, the establishment has remorselessly peddled the myth that animal fats are ‘bad’ and that guzzling partially-oxidised bio-diesel (polyunsaturated grain oils) is ‘good’. If this was not bad enough, at the same time the toxic effects of the food industry’s frankenstein creation, hydrogenated oils and fats (the so-called trans-fats) has until very recently been totally ignored.

Now, if you are already aware of these things, then good - you will know what steps to take to avoid poisoning yourself and your family. If you are not, then I recommend that you urgently and carefully read Thomas Smith’s seminal article on the subject, entitled The Oiling of America. You might also be interested in Malcolm Kendrick’s landmark report: The Great Cholesterol Myth.







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