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DMSO - dimethyl sulphoxide


DMSO or dimethyl sulfoxide is a specialised industrial solvent arising as a by-product of the paper making industry. It mixes freely with water. Research and practical experience indicates that it is non-toxic up to very high levels of intake.

Dimethyl suphoxide been used for many years by athletes to treat painful muscles and joints, and even to relieve the pain of broken bones. It has the unusual property of being able to pass through the skin very quickly. For example if it is applied to the feet, the typical taste associated with DMSO (described variously as 'metallic' or like onions or garlic) will be experienced in the mouth within a minute or so. DMSO will also take other molecules in solution with it and is therefore used as a carrier. This property means that it should be used with caution as it is potentially able to transport harmful substances through the skin and into the circulatory system.

DMSO is anti-inflammatory, locally analgesic, boosts the immune system (increases white blood cell activity and increases production of interferons), scavenges potentially damaging hydroxyl free radicals, reduces blood clotting, stimulates wound healing, softens collagen and enhances the effectiveness of many drugs and supplements. It is also a a potent diuretic.

Its effects are often both rapid and remarkable. After applying DMSO to a bruise, the bruise will often disappear in just a few minutes. Similarly, when DMSO is applied to local injuries, pain and swelling is greatly decreased. DMSO also relieves the pain of minor burns and if applied immediately after the burn occurs, will decrease the tissue damage suffered. DMSO accelerates the healing process, and can reduce by 50-65% the time required to fully heal an injury.

Despite all these fairly spectacular benefits, DMSO (along with MSM, H2O2, EDTA and similar low-cost but highly beneficial compounds) is largely ignored or derided by the medical profession and the relevant regulating bodies because it is non-patentable and therefore has low profit potential.


Only medical or ‘research’ grade DMSO should be ingested or applied topically, because industrial grade DMSO often contains acetone and other potentially harmful contaminants which will be carried through the skin.

Some more sensitive areas of the skin can react to DMSO and only solutions (mixed with water) of 50% or less should be used on delicate areas. Skin reactions can be minimised if aloe vera extracts are applied simultaneously.

After taking DMSO your breath and skin will smell of garlic for up to three days. Bear this in mind for the preservation of your social life!



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