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(Commiphora mukul)


Guggulsterones are a mixture of several compounds isolated from the plant Commiphora mukul (also called Gum Guggul).

Guggulsterones are anti-inflammatory, and may also be useful in the treatment of acne, being at least as effective as the antibiotic, tetracycline. They increase thyroid uptake of iodine and stimulate the production of various thyroid hormones. Guggul also lowers blood lipids (triglycerides), which further facilitates thyroid function, and has been shown to moderate elevated blood pressure and triglyceride levels. A number of tests have shown that guggulsterones can also reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, C-reactive protein and levels of serum/blood cholesterol. Although in 2003, the US heart research organisation JAMA produced some research which contradicts the latter, there have been justifiable doubts about a number of ‘anti-alternative-medicine’ findings from this organisation.

These properties make it very useful as a natural medication for hypertension and for reduced thyroid hormone production resulting from a restriction of calories on a diet, or due to age-related hypothyroid conditions. Depending on whose research results are believed it may also be a natural alternative to statins.

If this herb is used for treating any aspect of a hypothyroid condition, it is recommended to also take iodine supplements and l-tyrosine as these both play a vital role in thyroid metabolism. An effective dose of gugglesterone has been established as 25-50 mg of active ingredient (most extracts are standardised to 6-10% guggulsterones), two or three times a day. Guggulsterones are considered to be one of the safest supplements available, and do not stimulate the nervous system in the same way as products like ephedrine.

Most guggulsterone supplements are found as combination products along with other ingredients, usually for the purpose of assisting fat loss. When selecting a product, ensure a worthwhile dose is contained and it is correctly standarised for natural guggulsterones. Synthetic guggulsterones do not include various co-factors present in the natural extract and should be avoided.



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