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Psyllium (Plantago sp.)


Psyllium husk or hull is a source of insoluble fibre used as a dietary supplement. ‘Psyllium’ is a common name used for several members of the plant genus Plantago whose seeds are used commercially for the production of mucilage. There are over 200 species of psyllium, but the seed husk from Plantago ovata ('blonde' psyllium) is most often used as it has the highest fibre content.

Dietary fibre is considered vital for digestive regularity and good health. It helps prevent build-up of deposits on the intestinal walls and also absorbs various toxic wastes which can then be eliminated. Psyllium fibres pass through the small intestine undigested, but are partially broken down in the colon. This form of supplemental dietary fibre is very safe and is a natural alternative to artificial laxatives. The recommended daily intake is one heaped dessert spoon per day for a maximum of three weeks. At this point take a break of approximately 5 days before restarting intake. Psyllium husk is best taken with a large glass of water or juice, half an hour before or at least one hour after meals.



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