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An ongoing legal controversy

A discovery made twenty years ago by two scientists working for the University of New Mexico was one of the most promising new avenues in the ‘war on cancer’ - until litigation and accusations of patent falsification halted any progress shortly after the discovery.

The discovery itself relates to a naturally occurring enzyme produced in the body, named by the original discoverers, ‘Vitalethine’.  This compound was discovered by Drs. Galen Knight and Terrence Scallen in the liver of a pig while they were conducting clinical research at the University of New Mexico in the late ‘80s.

A synthetic analog was then developed by Knight and Scallen to determine the effect that that vitalethine would have on stimulating the immune system and on eliminating cancer in laboratory animals. This work was sponsored by a grant from the US National Institute of Health. The research demonstrated an 80-100% response and lifetime cure rate in animal studies for melanoma and myeloma. The study results were reported in two back-to-back articles in Cancer Research, a peer reviewed medical journal, which showed the dramatic effect of vitalethine in reducing or halting the growth of cancerous tumours, even within non-optimised regimens. The articles are available here in PDF format.

Vitalethine is a naturally occurring compound in mammals that is produced in the body from L-cysteine and pantothenic acid. It appears to be crucial in the body’s control of cancerous cells and also shows promise in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's disease and heavy metal toxicity, all associated with high levels of homocysteine.

When the body produces vitalethine, it acts to activate the receptors (monooxygenase) needed to stimulate an immune system response against disease. However these receptors may become blocked by certain toxins, preventing or reducing the action of vitalethine, and this is a complicating factor in establishing the true effectiveness of the vitalethine molecule.

While research into determining the authentic chemical compound that equates to vitalethine remains tied up in the US court system over patent assignment, collaboration between Dr. Knight, and David Carver, PhD (inventor of the cancer therapeutic Taxol) together with a commercialisation team has resulted in the identification and development of a proprietary selection of nutritional ingredients and compounds that help the immune system produce and use its own vitalethine “naturally”.

The nutritional compounds are intended for use as nutritional supplements or in combination as a therapeutic approach and are marketed through a specialist company, Regena Health. The company’s ‘flagship’ product based on vitalethine precursors is called ‘Immunogenx’.

For more information, visit the vitalethine web site.

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